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Who I am

Photo of Bruce Lewenstein

Photo by Robert Barker/Cornell University, 2013

I am a professor of science communication at Cornell University. I am currently serving as chair of the Department of Science & Technology Studies. I am also a full member of the Department of Communication. Since 2014, I’ve been the Speaker of Cornell’s University Faculty Senate.

My projects—whether teaching, research, or public outreach—all involve public communication of science and technology (PCST), also known as “public understanding of science,” “popularization of science,” “popular science,” “vulgarisation” [in French], “divulgacion” [in Spanish], “culture scientifique” [French again], “apropiacion social” [Spanish again], “scientific temper” [written into the Indian constitution], etc.  In general, I try to document to the ways that public communication of science is fundamental to the process of producing reliable knowledge about the natural world. When I can, I contribute to that process.

This website contains a brief description of my current projects and a list of selected publications, as well as information about my educational background and my professional and academic career, including current and previous positions, affiliations and activities.  A more formal copy of my CV is here.